Submission Guidelines

To submit your work to Quabbin Quills, please read the following submission guidelines below before submitting.

Quabbin Quills will never change any writers for submission fees.

SUBMISSIONS for the ‘Beyond the Pathway’ are now closed.

Statement of Purpose

Quabbin Quills is a non-profit group consisting of authors banded together by the common love of writing. Our goal is to share information and tools of the trade with other writers as well as providing a platform to display their talents.

All profits will be used for future publications, workshops, and scholarships for high school students.

Submission Guidelines

2021 Quabbin Quills Anthology #4
Beyond the Pathway

Well-worn pathways wind through thickets as easily as they do our minds. Often, the unexpected happens when we diverge from the familiar. The world may turn upside down, strangeness creeps alongside us in the darkness, and a shiver at the back of our neck whispers a warning we often don’t heed. For your submission to the fourth Quabbin Quills anthology release, consider the many things you may encounter when you walk Beyond the Pathway.

Use your imagination to explore the far reaches of this theme. While the story can literally or metaphorically refer to “Beyond the Pathway”, feel free to be creative with this interpretation. Pieces that lack any connection to the theme will not be accepted.

General Requirements

Any material that actively promotes or encourages hatred toward any race, religion, and sexual orientation is prohibited. While violence and expletives are permissive, the piece might not be selected if it is deemed excessive.

Plagiarized material will result in immediate disqualification. This also includes previously published material in any form under copyright law. For more information, visit Stanford University or Cornell University’s Fair Use and Copyright.

Submitted material must be thoroughly proofread. If our editors are spending considerable time fixing simple errors, the piece might not be selected.

We are particularly looking for pieces from the Quabbin Region, but we will consider pieces from or featuring the New England region.

Technical Requirements

For Short Stories and Essays: up to two pieces, 500 – 4,000 words each.

For Poems: Up to 3 poems will be allowed.

All finished pieces must be submitted in Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1.5 spacing.
~One space only, after periods.
~Remove all headers and footers.
~Remove page numbers.

For more information, refer to the style guide provided at the Writers Digest Short Story Submissions Guidelines

Other Requirements

Stories from both previously unpublished and published authors will be considered. We will accept works that have been previously published assuming the author holds such rights for us to publish the piece.

You may simultaneously submit your work to other publications. We ask that you let us know as soon as possible if your piece was accepted elsewhere so we can remove it from our submissions list.

Multiple submissions are encouraged provided you bring each of your pieces to the workshops.

Revisions, Optional Writers’ Workshop, and Final Approval

Once the submission portal is closed, pieces will be reviewed by our editorial board. If your piece is accepted, your piece will probably be returned with suggested notes. Not all revision notes are required, but if a piece is resubmitted without reasonable edits, then it could be rejected in the final approval.

Writers are encouraged to participate in our optional and free workshop that will occur sometimes in early 2021. The date and online platform will be determined by the submissions coordinator. We hope that writers will use workshop feedback to polish their pieces and resubmit at a later date.

All resubmitted pieces will then be professionally edited. The Quabbin Quills board will make final decisions on whether the piece will be published in the anthology.

We do not keep the rights to your submissions. We take one-time publishing rights solely for the Quabbin Quills Anthologies in perpetuity. All rights revert back to the author after publication.

There is no charge to the writer for submission, acceptance, or workshops. If your work is accepted, you will receive one free copy of the book upon publication as well as the opportunity to read your work at our book launch party held in the spring.

(updated after agreement at general meeting, 9.12.2020)

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