Just Add Writers

In 2022, we launched our pilot program, Just Add Writers, which aims to aid teachers in the New England area with writing supplies for their classrooms.

2022 care package sent to a New England high school English teacher.

“Each student in my Modern Poetry classes has been able to receive their own notebook to write poetry in, which has helped immensely with outdoor writing in class. No class time has been wasted looking for writing utensils or paper as all students have access to the pens and pencils we were so graciously gifted. Introducing high school aged young adults to poetry can be challenging, but having anthologies of recently published poems has made poetry more accessible to my students.”

~Emma P., grade 12 English teacher

In the fall of 2023, we hope to expand this program to allow us to send several care packages across New England to teachers who need writing supplies the most.

If you know a teacher or school system who may be in need of a care package, please reach out to Quabbin Quills. Please note that we try to avoid posting the names of teachers or school systems publicly–choosing instead to send these denotations as discreetly as possible.

Also, if you are interested in helping to sponsor a care package, please let Quabbin Quills know. We can make sure that 100 percent of your denotations can go to supplying future care packages.

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