Mission Statement:

Quabbin Quills creates opportunities, collaborations, and connections for writers in the New England region.

Nonprofit Summary:

Quabbin Quills is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Massachusetts that provides authors from the Quabbin region and greater New England the chance to have their written work professionally published—allowing up-and-coming authors to build their writing portfolios and to give casual writers an opportunity to be heard.

History Timeline:


  • Quabbin Quills was founded in an attempt to amass the talented collection of authors and poets in the Quabbin region. While there are a diverse set of writers in this section of Massachusetts, there was no organization that allowed them to showcase their work.


  • Through a series of Cultural Grants awarded to us by the Barre, Hardwick-New Braintree, New Salem, Orange, and Warwick Cultural Councils, we formed an 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.
  • Our first anthology, Time’s Reservoir, was published to see if we could collect enough works to publish a unified voice for the Quabbin region. Gratefully, we were overwhelmed with responses.


  • Published our second anthology, Mountains and Meditations, which was dedicated to the memory of Ned Greene–whose featured journal excerpts were posthumously published by his mother and fellow Quabbin Quills author, Clare Green.


  • Published our third anthology, Voices of the Valley.
  • Initiated our Quabbin Quills Student Scholarship, selecting three high school or college students from the New England area to receive the awards.


  • Published our third anthology, Beyond the Pathway.
  • Continued our Quabbin Quills Student Scholarship, selecting three more high school or college students from the New England area to receive the awards.

Executive Board Members for Quabbin Quills

President – Steven Piscitello | stevep@quabbinquills.org

Vice President – Garrett Zecker | garrettz@quabbinquills.org

Secretary – Cecilia Januszewski | ceciliaj@quabbinquills.org

Treasurer – James Thibeault | jamest@quabbinquills.org

Members At Large

Diane Kane | dianek@quabbinquills.org

Karen Traub | karen@quabbinquills.org

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