50 / 50 Charity Event

Each year, Quabbin Quills partners with another nonprofit in the New England area with a fundraising competition hosted on Facebook.

In 2020, Quabbin Quills raised over $500 that was split between ourselves and Bread of Life. The competition was the ABC writing challenge.

Abigail brought Calvin down. Evidently, Florence got horribly irritated, jokingly kicking (the) loving man. Not only pure quarreling resulted, several tempers unraveled. Verily, (the) woman’s (e)xcuses yield zilch.

In 2021, Quabbin Quills raised over $1,100 that was split between ourselves and Valuing Our Children. The competition was the Spine Book writing challenge.

In 2022, we are partnering with The Literacy Project with the Fridge Magnet competition.

People entering the competition must make a poem with a minimum of a least 10 fridge magnets (magnets like LY count as one magnet).

2022 Fundraising Writing Challenge: Fridge Magnet Art!

Whomever fundraises the most money on Facebook during the fundraising week will be crowned “The Supreme Fundraising Champion” and will receive a silly crowd of no monetary value whatsoever (feel free though to gloat excessively while wearing it).

Link to Fridge Magnet Art Challenge

If you are interested in helping up fundraise between the dates of July 10 – 16, please fill out this short form. Slots are limited! Please submit by July 1

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