Quabbin Quills Anthologies

Annually, Quabbin Quills publishes an anthology comprised of local New England authors and never charges submission fees.


Art by Sirii Paton

Our fourth anthology was published September of 2021!

Forty contributors from the Quabbin and New England region bringing all new works to explore just what makes us move beyond the intimate, time-worn pathways of life to discover what lies beyond the veil of the common.

Well-worn pathways wind through thickets as easily as they do our minds. Often, the unexpected happens when we diverge from the familiar. The world may turn upside down, strangeness creeps alongside us in the darkness, and a shiver at the back of our neck whispers a warning we often don’t heed.


With out first anthology, Quabbin Quills aimed to celebrate the Quabbin region of Massachusetts with its storied history. Deep beneath the waters of her reservoir, time has stood still for close to a century in the flooded streets of the cities lost to progress. Join twenty-two contemporary Central and Western Massachusetts authors as they embark on exploring what ‘Time’s Reservoir’ means to them.


Mountains reach toward the sun, slowly rising through millennia to impress us with their timeless majesty. Their immensity calls us to climb, grow, and reflect upon their quiet grace that outlives us all. With out second anthology, read all new works by twenty-five Central and Western Massachusetts voices from the Quabbin area as they meditate on the literal and figurative mountains that exist in all our lives.


Words sweep down the hillsides and whisper among the trees of the forest. Stories and verse sneak through the wood, beckoning us to listen to the voices that thicken the dense foliage. Our experiences pool beneath hemlock and oak, lending richness to what we call our home. Read all new works by twenty-eight Central and Western Massachusetts voices from the Quabbin area as their voices fill the valleys of our minds in the third Quabbin Quills anthology.

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