Thank You

A big thank you to everyone who came and/or supported our Book Launch on September 23! Beyond the Pathway is our largest anthology to date and it may be our best yet. The range of stories, poetry, and art is truly tremendous and they are beautifully organized by subheadings that are both amusing and insightful. Our submissions portal will be opening again in the months ahead. Please be patient with us as we carefully craft our ideas to at least attempt to surpass our last achievement. We will continue to give out scholarships as well. If you know of young people desiring to write or to be heard, please tell them about us! We are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And if our president is feeling daring, he may take to Tik-Tok. So keep your eyes peeled for many things to come!

Come to the Launch on September 23!

We are very excited for our in-person Book Launch on September 23! Checkout our event page:

This event is free and open to the public. Please stop by the Brew Barn to meet authors and pick up copies of all FOUR of our anthologies. We look forward to celebrating with you! This will also be an award night for this year’s scholarship recipients. Join us for a grand evening!

Pre-orders for Beyond the Pathway

As we get ready for our book launch, we are offering pre-orders that will be available for pickup at the launch. If you are attending and able to pickup your pre-orders, fill out this form and enter your info. You can pre-order books for $12 each. Please make your donation by using our Pay Pal link below; this will ensure we have enough copies available at the launch.

Be sure to enter your name and the total amount for the number of copies you entered on the form.

Per usual, all the authors featured in our book will be receiving a free copy at the Book Launch. If anyone is unable to attend, please email us at so we can arrange delivery in exchange for a donation that will cover personal shipping.

Note: future orders can be made through Amazon and other retailers. We will let you know when those become available. This is for pre-orders that can be picked up at the launch.

Launch Date Now on September 23

The Brew Barn has been really accommodating but has asked us to reschedule our launch to Thursday, September 23. Please visit the Facebook event page to RSVP:

We look forward to seeing everyone and are thrilled to be honoring our three scholarship winners! Also a big thank you to everyone who supported us in our recent fundraiser online; it has ensured that we can continue to finance publications and future awards.

Stay well, stay sane, and keep on writing on!

Save the Date!

So many good things are happening!

We’re planning to launch our fourth anthology in September at the Brew Barn on The Red Apple Farm in Phillipston, MA! We will create an event for it on Facebook as it gets closer. This event will be open to the public but with limited seating—please consider coming and perhaps standing outdoors with us as we honor this year’s scholarship winners and make our next book available! Thanks to everyone who helped us through this year and keep following us on social media to keep in the loop. And if you haven’t listened to our founders talk about their nonprofit journey, go to Born to Talk Radio here! We’re so proud of the work that’s being done and you should, too! Here’s to more greatness coming soon! 🤗