50/50 Charity Competition, 2021

Last year, we raised over 500 dollars between two non-profit organizations: Quabbin Quills and Bread of Life.

This year, the competition is back, and we’re partnering with Valuing Our Children which strives to address the needs of children in the Quabbin area by providing primary prevention of child abuse through family support, parenting education, and community development.

To enter this year’s competition, please follow the link below. Please read the submissions rules as well before submitting. Failure to follow the guidelines could lead to disqualification:

50/50 Charity Event, 2021: Quabbin Quills + Valuing Our Children Submission Portal

The Spine Book Poetry Competition

The winner of this year’s 50/50 Charity Competition will win a 25-dollar Amazon gift card.

From the week of July 19 – July 25, whoever raises the most money via Facebook donations will be deemed the winner.

For this year’s charity event, we will be asking authors to submit their SPINE BOOK POETRY

Which would translate to something like this:

Drive for Five, the finest hours.
Out of the dust, emotions revealed–
A new brain … nothing but the truth”

Rules for Competition and How to Enter

In order to enter the competition, a photo must be sent containing the following:

  1. A collection of 8 or more books in a stack
  2. The titles of each book are legible and can be read from top to bottom
    • Please adjust each book so your Spine Book Poem can be read by looking via the spines.
  3. Having your face present by attaching a file containing a headshot of yourself (which will be photoshopped in by us)
  4. Writing a text version separately.
    • Feel free to add punctuation or line spacing in order to improve the flow of the poem.
    • Adding words to your poem is strongly discouraged. Try to let the spines dictate the poem.
    • If you need to add an article (The, An, A) or some connecting words (By, From), please surround them with brackets.
      • Their eyes were watching God [and] walking love. 

To enter the competition, please complete the online form before July 19

How To Raise Money

Once you submit, Quabbin Quills will post your submission onto their Facebook Page.

Under the post, there will be a donate button:

Only donations received from Facebook donations will count as money raised.

Encourage friends, family, etc… to donate also to your submission. We encourge contestants to cross post on their own facebook pages as well as other social media links.

Remember that all of this is going to charity. The more we raise, the more we can contribute to Valuing Our Children as well as continue funding Quabbin Quills!

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