Updates on Cascades and Currents and More!

We are currently in the process of working with the authors who submitted their work with us to improve their pieces before creating the final manuscript. It’s important to us that authors are receptive to our feedback and in doing so, we cut down the number of rejections. I am so thankful for our editorial board whose diverse talents help to ensure that each piece is treated with care and can be examined by another set of eyes capable of seeing something another may have missed. If you or someone is interested in becoming an editorial board member on our next anthology, contact us via info@quabbinquills.org. Having a team ensures a smaller work load and extra support on more challenging pieces. Also it’s a great opportunity to be in inspired by a host of other writers.

And speaking of collaboration, inspiration, and editorial feedback, we are proud to announce the coming of Quabbin Connect! This online platform will be available later this month and it’s goal is to create an online network of writers who want to share pieces of their work and get feedback from its users within the Writing Community of New England. Look for the link on our website soon!

So many amazing things are happening and we’re grateful to share it all with you! Keep visiting our website and don’t forget to follow us on social media for regular updates!

Oh and keep on writing on!

—Steve Piscitello, President

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