ABC Micro-Fiction Challenge Charity Event!

Quabbin Quills challenges you with the ABC Micro-Fiction Challenge. Create a story in which the first word is A and the last word is Z. The entire story must be in alphabetical order.

Here’s an example: Abigail brought Calvin down. Evidently, Florence got horribly irritated, jokingly kicking (the) loving man. Not only pure quarreling resulted, several tempers unraveled. Verily, (the) woman’s (e)xcuses yield zilch.

Articles (a, an, the) don’t count. For X, we will accept EX- words too!

There will be two winners:

1. Whoever raises the most money with their submission.

2. Whoever has the best submission, which will be judged by Quabbin Quills.

Winners will receive an ebook copy of our newest anthology, Voices of the Valley, as well as a $25 dollar Amazon gift card.

50% of the donations will be sent to Bread of Life, a nonprofit in Malden, MA that provides food services to those who need it—especially during this pandemic.

The other 50% will go to our nonprofit, Quabbin Quills, which provide writing opportunities and scholarships for Central and Western MA writers.

Send your video submission here:

This challenge is open to everyone, and make sure the following is mentioned in your video: This is a charity event where 50% goes to Bread of Life and the other 50% goes to Quabbin Quills.

We will post the videos and whoever raises the most money via his/her Facebook post will be our first winner and a second winner will be voted on by members of Quabbin Quills.

The Deadline for Submissions is August 8 at midnight but we will begin posting upon each video we receive!

Check out this example by our own James Thibeault:

Good Luck!

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