Next Stages…

Our summer workshops were a great success. The opportunity to share one’s piece is something we all enjoy, even if sometimes we pretend we’re really just writing for ourselves. This summer, our collective group met in various clusters to share and provide necessary feedback. Our next deadline is November 1st. In the meantime, each of us will digest and process what we were told about the strengths and weaknesses of each piece.

The next book won’t be ready until the Spring because good writing does in fact take time. In November, the board will be looking at each piece resubmitted.  Although we are proponents of free speech, we will be cognizant of our audience while maintaining a bar of excellence.  If any piece is turned away, it will only be the result of an author not taking his/her work seriously.  Of course, we do have a great many writers involved who are working to the best of their ability, and we as a board are confident that time and reflection are the necessary ingredients to bring about their most excellent work.

Here’s to the next stages of Mountains and Meditations–we have only just begun the climb towards greatness…

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